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Photos of Current Litters

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Caleb & Aspen's Litter

Born on November 18th, 2023~Praise the Lord!

~ Aspen (a Bourbon daughter) lives in


~Pups will be picked up in Prunedale at 8 

   weeks 1/13/2024.

Link to Aspen's OFA Health Records

~ white/cream females & males available

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Bourbon & Ally's Litter


Born on November 12th, 2023~Praise the Lord!

~ Ally (a Caleb daughter) lives in


 ~Pups will be 8 weeks on January 7th 2024


~Link to Ally's OFA Health Records

~ yellow male and black males &                             females available


Bear & Joy S's Litter

Born on November 18th, 2023 ~Praise the Lord!

~ Joy lives in OrangevalleCa. 

~ Pups are 8 weeks 1/14/2024 and will be

    picked up in San Martin, Ca.

Link to Joy S's OFA Health Records

~ females available 

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5 Current Litter
Bourbon & Gracie's Litter 


Born on November 28th, 2023 ~Praise the Lord!


~Gracie (daughter of Sterling)

   lives in Humboldt.

~Pups will be 8 weeks January 23rd 2024

   and will be picked up in San Martin, Ca        around that date.

~Link to Gracie's OFA Health Records

~ Silver, charcoal & yellow males and                yellow & chocolate females available.

2 Current litter
Benjamin & Bentley's Litter


Born on Nov 17th, 2023~Praise the Lord!

~Bentley (a Moses daughter) lives in                Prunedale and puppies will be picked up     in Prunedale, Ca at 8 weeks

~Pups will be 8 weeks 1/12/23

~Link to Bentley's OFA Health Records

~Cream/white males & females available.

Sterling & Naomi's Litter


Born on Nov 23rd. 2023~Praise the Lord!

~ Naomi (a Benjamin daughter) lives in            Carmel. 

~ Pups are being raised in Humboldt & will      be picked up in San Martin, Ca around 8      weeks.

Link to Naom's OFA Health Records

 ~ Black males & females and a charcoal           female available.

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Boaz & Rylee's Litter


Born on October 10th 2023 ~Praise the Lord!

~Rylee (a Caleb daughter) 

   lives in Utah and pups will be                         picked up in San Martin, Ca. around 8           weeks

~Link to Rylee's OFA Health Records

~ males available


Ben & Clementine's Litter


Born on November 10th, 2023 ~Praise the Lord!

~ Clementine (a Caleb daughter) lives in

    Prunedale. Pups will be picked up in

    Prunedale at 8 weeks old. They will be 8

    weeks on 1/5/24

~ Link to Clementine's OFA Health Records

~ Males & females available 

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Bourbon & Indie's Litter


Born on October  22nd, 2023 ~Praise the Lord!

~ Indie (a Bear daughter) lives in San Martin

    & pups will be picked up in San Martin at

    8 weeks.

~ Pups will be ready for their new homes

    on 12/17/23

Link to Indie's OFA Health Records

~ Yellow males and black male available 

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Joshua & Leah's Litter


Born on November 27th 2023 ~Praise the Lord!

~Leah (a Sterling daughter & Bourbon

   granddaughter) lives in Humboldt Co. Ca.

   Pups will be 8 weeks 1/22/23 & will be           picked up in San Martin around that date.

~Link to Leah's OFA Health Records

~ 1 black Male, 1 chocolate female & 2            charcoal females available.


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"As a mother comforts her child, so God will comfort you." ~ Isaiah 66:19

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