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"But as for me and my household, we serve the Lord."

~Joshua 24:15

Our Labradors. At Stofer's Labs, we proudly breed AKC registered Labrador retrievers. Our labs are a combination of English and American. Some more English and some more American depending on the combination of the parents. We offer a wide range of body types, from the blocky headed English to the slender athletic build of the American Lab. We breed towards a mellow temperament that ranges from couch potato to athletic jogging partner. For over 19 years we have fine-tuned our breeding and puppy rearing principles and practices to achieve excellence in breed health, beauty, and temperament. Our clients commonly describe our labs as "SMART, MELLOW, and BEAUTIFUL". Stofer’s Labs come in a variety of colors — signature white, yellow, chocolate, black, and silver. Whether you are looking for a Labrador retriever as a family, service, or therapy companion, we can help you find the perfect match. We service the greater bay area and well beyond.

Our Practices. We are all hands on! Our puppies are bred, whelped, socialized, and given age-appropriate manners training right in our home. Our puppy rearing practices are built around the foundational principle of early socialization. Socialization is crucial to ensuring that you will enjoy a happy, confident, well-adjusted dog for life. To this end, puppies are intentionally socialized from the time they are born. Our whelping beds are centrally located in our active home where puppies grow up at ease with common household noise and routine age-appropriate handling and cuddling. In addition, the puppy you choose will learn basic potty training and crate training skills to make the home adjustment period much smoother for you and your pup. We also offer additional puppy training services to make your experience educational and more enjoyable.


Our Kennel. For over a decade, we have operated our licensed, full-service breeding, park-style boarding, training, grooming, and dog daycare facility in Prunedale (Monterey County), California. Our facility becomes a home away from home for your companion. Reunited with their lab family, you can leave town with peace of mind.


Our Commitment. We are honored that you are considering a Stofer's Lab. We are committed to providing you with the best experience when choosing your new companion. Our goal is to help you raise a well-mannered social dog that you will feel comfortable taking anywhere.


For more information on our white, yellow, chocolate, black and silver Labrador retrievers, please contact Stofer’s Labs today.

About Us

Over Two decades.
Commitment to Excellence.
Thousands of blessed homes.
Stofer's Labs.
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