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Doggie pick-up and/or drop-off is available

Shuttle Fee: $1.55/mile + $10 

($50 minimum shuttle charge)

For both in-home or off the freeway pick ups or drop offs, the shuttle mileage fee is calculated from the shuttle destination point to Stofer's Labs:

Stofer's Labs Ranch

110 Crazy Horse Canyon Road

Prunedale, CA 93907

Example calculation of shuttle cost:

If you are 50 miles away from Stofer's Labs, the total for a pick up would be:

(50 miles x $1.55) + $10 = $75.


To schedule:

  • Text Kevin Stofer @ 831.998.3828.

  • Include

    • Your name and your dog's name

    • Desired pick up and/or drop off date​​

    • Address

Please note:

  • We have shuttles running Monday - Saturday. We do not have shuttles running on Sundays.

  • Pick-up and drop-off times for shuttles cannot be confirmed until the week of. Shuttles are done outside of peak traffic hours.

  • Pick-up and drop-off shuttles are charged separately.

** Add +$30 to the total mileage fee for airport pick up or drop offs.

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