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Coat Care for all colors including Silver & Charcoal

Below is information on keeping a healthy coat for any lab. Our Labs of all colors, including Silver and Charcoal are Embark Genetic tested and are 100% pure AKC Labs. We also test for 180 different genetic tests to make sure we are only breeding the best. Some Silvers can have a sensitive coat but in my experience, we find that we get the best coats with our silvers and charcoals when one of the parents has a traditional coat color but caries the dilute gene. Below is information on how to give natural supplements to have a beautiful coat.


When you take your puppy home:


Starting at 3 months old:


Starting at 6 months old:


If their skin ever looks dry, itchy, or if your dog gets a scrape or hot spot we recommend the following:


  • Brush your puppy everyday 

  • OBWell Oil 

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