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Deworming puppies

The most common puppy parasites are giardia, coccydia, and round worms.

We recommend panicure C or safeguard granules for treating Giardia, roundworms or tape worms. You can order the box on Amazon using the link below. Make sure you purchase the one for your puppy’s weight. A 4 gm box treats a puppy between 31 and 40 pounds. A 2 gram box treats a puppy 11 to 20 pounds ect.

The directions will be on the box but essentially you will be giving your puppy one packet mixed with some canned pumpkin once a day for three days. On the third day wash your puppy. Spray down your outside puppy area with a diluted bleach solution using a hose attachment.

I recommend retreating with panicure C or safeguard 10 to 14 days later.

You can deworm a puppy once a month with Panacure C as a preventative.


Click Here To Order Dewormer On Amazon


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