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Bear & Gracie H's Litter


Born on January 14, 2021~Praise the Lord!

~Gracie lives in Colfax, CA

~Sold Out~ Yellow/Cream

Sterling & Stella's Litter


Born on February 20, 2021 ~Praise the Lord!

Sold Out~Chocolate

Stella is Bear's daughter

Stofer's Joshua & Noelle's Litter


Born on February 24, 2021 ~Praise the Lord!

Noelle is Zoli's daughter

Sold Out~ Champagne, cream, & black

Ben & Quinn's Litter


Born on January 1, 2021~Praise the Lord!

Quinn (Libby's Daughter)  Southern CA~

Sold Out~white/cream

Bourbon & Crystal's Litter


Born on January 23, 2021 ~Praise the Lord!

Crystal lives in Aromas, CA


Crystal is from Caleb and Nikki. Nikki is from Nanuk and Jake.


Sold Out~Cream & Black

**All Pups sold in this litter with 4 weeks of training at $595/week

Bourbon & Luna V's Litter

Born on February 6, 2021 ~Praise the Lord!

Luna V is Caleb's daughter.

Sold Out~chocolate, black, yellow

Sterling & Nikki's Litter


Born on February 8, 2021 ~Praise the Lord!

Nikki lives in Aromas, CA. 

Nikki is Jake's daughter. 


Pups in this litter are sold with an additional 4 weeks of training @ $595/week. 

Sold Out~ Black/Chocolate

Josh & Penny's Litter 


Born on January 28, 2021 ~Praise the Lord! 

Penny's dad is Moses. 

Sold Out~ Black & Yellow

Sterling & Leia's Litter


Born on January 28, 2021~Praise the Lord!

Leia lives in San Martin

Leia's dad is Bear

Sold Out~Chocolate

Bourbon & Luna M's Litter


Born on February 14, 2021~Praise the Lord!

Luna M. lives in Watsonville

Luna is Sterling's daughter

Sold Out~ Silver/Charcoal

"As a mother comforts her child, so God will comfort you." ~ Isaiah 66:19

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